Trees (Urban Forestry)

The City's Urban Forest includes over 15,000 trees, some dating back to the late 1800's. City owned trees are located within the public easement (right-of-way), these are trees that are in the maintenance strips running parallel to the street between the sidewalk and gutter. Other City owned trees are located in the city right-of-way along most sound walls, center medians, parks, and public spaces. These trees provide us with multiple benefits and are a unique green infrastructure that continually give back when properly maintained. 

In fact, City trees are the only public assets that can increase in value as they age.

Useful Information

The following information is on the planting and maintenance of City owned trees, rebates available for homeowners, and how to plant trees.

A Tree with Green Leaves

City Tree Maintenance

The Urban Forestry Group is responsible for the maintenance of city owned trees. Staff is specifically focused on protecting, planting and maintaining trees located in the city right-of-way, parks and other public spaces. For tree maintenance questions call 530-661-2000 or email Woodland Community Services Department. The City’s Right of Way Clearance Standards (PDF) are available for download.

The City also issues a tree pruning/removal permit (PDF) if a homeowner would like to have a City tree pruned or removed at the homeowner’s expense. Every situation is evaluated by the Urban Forest Group before the permit is issued. Tree Pruning and Removal Permit

Cyclical Tree Maintenance

City trees are maintained in a systematic manner in which the city has been divided up into sections and trees in each section are pruned and maintained on a seven year pruning cycle. View the Woodland Tree Pruning Schedule (PDF) and Woodland Tree Pruning Service Zone Map (PDF).

Landmark Trees

There are landmark trees throughout the City that have been nominated for their size, age and nobility. These trees have been selected and accepted by the council. Most of the trees have plaques notating their species and some have an explanation of their contributions to the environment they surround. 

Click for more details about the City of Woodland’s landmark trees.

Pruning / Hazard response request

For emergencies during normal City operational hours of 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. call 530-661-2000 and for after hour tree issues call Yolo County Communication at 530-666-8920.

Tree Planting in City Right-of-Way

If you would like to have a tree planted in the maintenance strip in front of your home, please call 530-661-2000. All new replacement trees will be selected from the current approved Master Street Tree List (PDF).

Tree Rebates for Trees Planted on Private Property

Did you know that you can receive a Tree Rebate for up to $75 for trees that you plant anywhere in your front yard? View our diagram for information on how to plant a tree (PDF).

Woodland Tree Foundation

The City of Woodland partners with the Woodland Tree Foundation to advance their and the Cities goals of improving Woodland through the planting of trees. Their motto is Building Community Though Canopy. Visit the Woodland Tree Foundation to learn more about their organization and tree planting opportunities.

Additional Information

For additional information, send email.  Or contact Park Superintendent, Westley Schroeder at 530-661-5958.