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A school resource officer is a  law enforcement officer who is deployed in a community-oriented policing assignment to work in collaboration with one or more schools. Woodland PD started a School Resource Officer program after receiving a U.S. Department of Justice Community Oriented Policing Hiring grant in 1998. The Department operated with two S.R.O.s until 2015. Currently the department has three S.R.O.s. 

Facilitating the development of positive relationships: The S.R.O. program assigns sworn police officers to work in the city’s schools with the goal of facilitating the development of positive relationships with the youth living in the region and to enhance perceptions of safety and security in high schools and the community. 

Woodland PD’s S.R.O.s do not arrest students for disciplinary issues that would be handled by teachers and/or administrators. On the contrary, S.R.O.s help troubled students avoid involvement with the juvenile justice system. There is no epidemic of juvenile arrests within our schools.  In fact, juvenile arrest data shows an overall decline over the last ten years in Woodland.The SROs have strong partnerships with school staff and work together to prevent negative behaviors and intervene before student actions escalate from administrative to criminal issues.