Development Projects

The City of Woodland Community Development Department reviews and processes a variety of planning applications for development projects. They can include residential additions, changes to historic structures, use permits, commercial projects, and subdivisions, as well as zoning and plan amendments. Links to information and documents for individual major projects are provided below.


Project Name / Owner/#



Review Status

 Active Current:


1250 Harter Ave.

Conrad, Ethan

Conditional Use Permit for Epic Bros. Enterprizes, Inc. for the Distribution of type 11 Medical & Adult Comm. Cannabis on a +/-12,471 sf lot at 1250 Harter Ave., APN 027-420-031
In review

65-71 Locust St.

Maffei, William ETAL

Tentative Parcel Map for a Lot Split at 65-71 Locust St., APN 005-142-004
In review

127 N. College St.

Carter, Kenneth W.

Tentative Parcel Map and Categorical Exemption for a +/-23,750 sf lot at 127 N. College St., APN 005-595-002
In review

1716 Archer Dr.

Follansbee Liv Trust

Design Review for 288 sf Accessory Building on 12,840 sf lot at 1716 Archer Dr., APN 039-211-004
In review

35 Oak Ave.

Robinson, Michael

New Sign for “Woodland Kulture” wall and door sign at 526 Main St., APN 006-561-009
In review

231 W. Main St.

Keehn, Tom & Katherine

Conditional Use Permit and Categorical Exemption for +/-1225 sf AT&T Cell Tower at 231 W. Main St., APN 065-010-010
In review

JATC Training Facility

Blair, Church & Flynn


Lot Merger and site plan/design review for the future JATC Training Center at the corner of Santa Anita Dr. & Tanforan Ave., APN 027-450-048, 049
In review

Beach Hut Deli

2120 Freeway Dr.

Mike & Trish Reiff


Site Plan/Design Review for a new   square foot commercial building and deli on 3,300 acres of land in the Regional Commercial/ light industrial flex zoning district.  APN 027-851-010
In review

127 N. College

Ken Carter


Certificate of Compliance
In review

Woodland Gateway II

Woodland Development Company, 18517 American Dr, Woodland CA

Eric Gonsalves

(209) 480-0585

Annexation/ Development Agreement/Conditional Use Permit for 25 acres located south of the existing Gateway Center, south of Bronze Star Boulevard to allow 50,000sf of retail Located in the CMU General Plan land use district

APN 027-390-032,033 and 034.

In review

508 California

Site Plan/Design Review

MPE Holdings Inc.

Aras Des & Const.


Proposed three unit multifamily development
In review
309 C Street
Zoning Administrator Permit for a Proposed    sf warehouse on a 6250 sf lot in Armfield in the CMU- East zoning district; APN 063-072-004
In review

Pioneer Village (Merritt Ranch 5/8)

Cunningham Engineering

530-758-2026 X122 (Steve)

Subdivision Map/ SP Amendment, 231 new lots of R-5 (25.34ac)/R-8(19.14ac) low Density Residential and R-20 multifamily (4.11ac) totaling 55.45 acres.

Located at north-west corner of Farmers Central Rd & Pioneer Ave,  APN 042-580-068

PC October 17

CC hearing required


Parkside 3

Lennar Corp, 1420 Rocky Ridge Dr, Suite 320

Pierre Martinez

(916) 746-8508

(GPA/SPA/TM/DR/DA) A proposed General Plan and Specific Plan Amendment, Tentative Map, Design and Site Plan Review, and Development Agreement to develop 7.3 acres of property as a multi-family R-15 development with 98 units.  The applicant proposed to up-zone 3.5 acres of R-8 land use to R-15 to allow a consistent density. APN 041-231-028 & 041-243-002

Initial Submittal 8.8.18. Resubmittal on 11/21/18

Neighborhood mailer sent 4/9/19

Applicant considering re-design.


22 Main Street

Tire Store

HB retail LLC



Redesign on a previously approved project to expand an existing tire store and showroom
In review

1424 E Main Street Woodland Storage (CUP)

Patrick Laughlin

591 Colusa

Yuba City, CA 95991


CUP - Main Street and Matmor. Request to allow approximately 118,500 sf self-storage facility with a manager’s unit

1424 E Main Street

APN 066-030-019, 021, 033

In review

Possible PC November

 Long Range/Advance Planning


Regional Housing Needs Assessment for the 6th cycle Housing Element due 2021 

City has received our housing needs allocation of 3,087 housing units of which approximately 1, 068 shall be available to lower income households. The city must zone an adequate amount of land to accommodate the RHNA allocation. Preparation for the 2021 Housing Element update

Zoning to meet the RHNA allocation will be taken into account as part of the comprehensive zoning update.


Woodland Research and Technology Park  SP-1A Specific Plan


Pre-Annexation, GPA, SP, EIR , DA- A pre-application was filed on July 17, 2015 for possible pre-annexation and future specific plan for approximately 350 acres in the area located east of Highway 113, south of Farmers Central Roadway, west of Harry Lorenzo Avenue and n and s of CA 25A.  

In process. City Council update September 2, 2019

Draft expected by end of the year.


Comprehensive Zoning Code Update

Comprehensive update of the City Zoning Code

Kick off Sept 11

Stakeholder Interviews October 29 & 30

Joint PC/CC meeting December 17

CC approval to enter into a contract with Lisa Wise Consulting  


Downtown Specific Plan Update

Update for consistency with General Plan Update.  Reconsideration of design, use, and possible addition of form based code components.  Update the Use table. 

Next Steps – public input



Update CEQA Guidelines/VMT/


Review and prepare city guidelines based on new OPR guidelines.

TDM list being prepared


Tree Ordinance

Modifications to tree ordinance regulations pertaining to development projects and private property.

In process



Woodland Commerce Center

Pete Thompson 916-930-0960


EIR, DA - North West corner of East Main Street and CR 102.

A proposed annexation for 146 acres of land with a GP designation of Industrial and pre-zoned Industrial.

Final EIR (draft) completed. RBF

Final EIR (draft) completed. RBF Cost/Scope received to create update memo.  Awaiting review by applicant to move forward with CEQA and DA negotiations


Planning Commission

First and Third Thursdays


Historic Preservation Commission

Third Wednesday


 Minor Reviews/Signs


1230 Harter Ave.

Conrad, Ethan

Sign design Review for “Platt Electric” at 1230 Harter Ave., APN 027-420-030
In review

526 Main St.

Venables, Steve & Lydia

New Sign for “Woodland Kulture” wall and door sign at 526 Main St., APN 006-561-009
In review
The Habit Burger
1368 E Main St
Design Review (minor) for Drive Thru and exterior signage
Review complete – forwarded to building for review
1500 E Main St
Design Review (minor) exterior signage
Review complete – forwarded to building for review


904/914 First Street

Aulman & Dahl

Lot line adjustment

Review Complete/ Certificate of Compliance complete


Telecomm. Tower Modification – Lee Middle  School

Design Review (Minor) for replacement/modification of antennas

In review


Cobram Estate
455 Harter

Design Review (minor) 60 x 60 production factory addition

Review complete – forwarded to building for review

Preliminary Review - Application hasn't been received yet

1860 E. Main St
Home Depot

Tenant improvements to expand retail space – interior tenant improvement – no increase to building footprint

Review complete – forwarded to building for review


Various signs


Custom SF Homes


Minor Ti/Patios/Accessory Bldgs

 Approved, In Construction or Plan Check Review



Located in Gateway-Target Parking Area

High Speed Charging Stations

Ron Caceres

440 College (back half of property)

Proposed TPM for future development located in District D of the Downtown Specific Plan Area.  A request to split a 0.23 acre lot to create two lots approximately 0.12 acres in size.
Approved PC October 17, 2019


1600 Tide Court

Americo Real Estate

Chris Trudell

Design Review/site plan review for exterior mini-storage
In construction

Lifepointe Church Expansion

El Dorado and West Streets

Jim Morrow


Church expansion, new building.

CUP-mod application.

Approved 7/18/19


Cleveland Suites Tentative Parcel Map

Dave Snow


Proposed 16-lot Residential Subdivision Map located east of Cleveland Street and one lot south of Main Street. This site is located in Area C, a “Transition District,” of the Downtown Specific Plan Area.
PC approval 8.15.19


1310 E Beamer St

Anthony Romero

TPM for three lots and private court off Wilson Way with frontage on E Beamer

Approved by PC

In construction


Downtown – 435 Third Street

Neal Pert Parking Lot

Proposal to create a parking lot in District D of the Downtown SP requires ZAP
In construction

Z Specialty 1221 Harter Avenue

Josh Zeldner owner, Dorothy Rosenberg Applicant (530) 219-9774

Design and Site Plan review for an approximately 20,000 sq ft  industrial, event center, office to package honey. APN 027-420-015;

ZAP approval

In construction


Woodside Homes – The Pines DR

CR102 and CR25A

Design Review and Site Plan approval for The Pines Subdivision.  81 Units
In construction

Epic Bros Enterprises, Inc

(925) 785-4950

A  manufacturing facility ; APN 027-420-023

CC approval 3/ 5, 2019



Matmor Park Phase 2

1401, 1411 and 1421 Cannery Road

Kevin Woodbury

Site Plan/Design Review. Build out remainder of Matmor Park Mixed Industrial development site. Proposed 56,000sf spec building with three truck bays. APN 063-040-037, 038

Project approved in January.

Phase I completed and operating


Woodland Christian School

Jim Morrow


Construction of prior approved Theater, Gym, Preschool and Learning Center buildings at Matmor Campus.
In construction

Adult Day Care

45 W Court Street

UCP of Sacramento


Minor ZAP, Site Plan / Land Use Review
Writing up Approval and conditions

Merritt Ranch

Darkhourse Estates LLC / Cunningham Engineering

530-758-2026 X122 (Steve)

Subdivision Map/ SP Amendment – Spring Lake Merritt Ranch 178 new lots of R-5/R-8 low Density Residential on 23.6 acres.

Located at 1425 Harry Lorenzo Ave. (southeast corner of E. Gibson Rd and Harry Lorenzo Ave.)  APN 042-580-001

CC approval

Second reading  8.20.19


1550 Spring Lake Court

SAC Wireless


ZAP, Cell Tower Modification (Sprint)

Idle Wheel Mobile Home Expansion

907 Bourn Dr.

Dan Fitzgerald

500 Giuseppe Court #2Roseville, CA 95678

CUP modification to add additional 10 mobile home spaces

APN 027-520-064

PC approval

AT&T Mobility

810 N East Street

Modification to existing Cell Tower

Hays & Douglas Lane Hotels

Hilton Tru & Courtyard

Rohit Ranchhod


ZAP – Zoning Administrator Permit for two hotels at the northeast corner of Hays & Douglas Lane.  Hilton Tru is a 98 room, 4-story hotel with an energized, youthful style.  Courtyard is an 83 room, 4-story mid-priced hotel designed for business travelers. APN


In Plan check; processed Lot Line Adjustment


Avid Hotel

Roshan Patel

745 Meadowood Ct Woodland, 95695

(530) 908-5845

ZAP - A proposal to construct a 70-80 room hotel on a parcel of land north of I5 at 1200 Churchill Downs, Woodland CA   APN 027-460-012;
ZAP approved February 28, 2019

Zendejas Auto Body – Armfield

1213-1215 Armfield Ave

Duane Thompson


CUP -Conditional Use Permit to re-establish auto body shop at 1215 Armfield Ave within an existing building formerly used for the same purpose.  A lot merger will be required, creating a horizontal mixed-use project/site APN 063-077-002, 003

PC approval 9.6.2018

Cert of Compliance issued for lot merger 12/17/18.

Project complete


KB HOMES Design Review- Oyang North

KB Home Ray Panek

A proposal for 112 single family homes, 52 R-8 and 60 R-5 homes (The Somerset): APN 041-070-037


In construction


1490 E Main Street Staybridge Hotel (ZAP)

Ram Sah

250 W. Main Street, suite 201


ZAP- Proposal to build a 109 unit extended stay hotel on a parcel behind the California Produce Market at 1490 E Main Street

APN 066-030-54, 55

Project approved per ZAP hearing on August 12, 2019

In Plan Check


Mosque – 1225 East Oak Street

Mohammad Sadiq


Staff Level Design Review and Lot Line Adjustment

Building Permit issued.

Lot Line Adjustment approved.

ProTerp Manuf C (916) 718-0793
CUP  A manufacturing facility; APN 027-420-023

CC approval 10/16/18

New plan modifications proposed


Tanforan Ventures – 

Tanforan Ventures LLC

(916) 247-0094

CUP - A proposed manufacturing, distribution and testing facility; APN 027-450-070

 CC approval 10/16/18

In Plan Check


Downtown Suites

Third and Lincoln

Dave Snow


14 units

PC approval 3.1.2018

In construction, first phase nearing completion


Woodland Motors Tentative Parcel Map 5136

530 Quality Circle

Scott Vanderbeek


Tentative Parcel Map to subdivide one approx.. 25 acre parcel into 4 parcels in anticipation of future development.

APN 027-851-024

PC approval July 18, 2019.

In for final map check.


DR Horton

Todd Smith

99 unit
In construction – nearing completion
“Pearsons” 702 Main Street – Ron Caceres/John Anagnastou
Historic building remodel at 702 Main Street to a mixed use with retail on the bottom and 7 residential units. Project on hold
Oh hold

Prudler  Tentative Subdivision Map,

Yolo Residential Investors, LLC, 2625 Fair Oaks Blvd, #3, Sacramento Ca

A tentative subdivision map, general plan amendment, development agreement to allow the development of 183 detached single-family units in two phases and a 1.46 acre park, on an approximately 38 acre site. Located at the northeast corner of East and Sports Park Drive.  APN 041-070-042
CC approval.

814 Fifth Street

Iwa Huang

Rebuild after fire damage in the NP District.
Nearing completion

HOME 2 - Downtown Mixed-Use Hotel Project

Jivan B. Patel and Ramilaben J. Patel Living Trust

1021 Main Street

Woodland, CA


Request for a Conditional Use Permit, and Site Plan and Design Review approval, to construct a five-story, 90 room hotel, including 6,810 square feet of commercial space on the first floor of the building for retail/restaurant uses in the Central Business District, Downtown Specific Plan Area, District A4.

CC approval March 16, 2018

Pending requested modifications

Oyang South


Harry Lorenzo Ave and CR25A

Pierre Martinez


Map and Plan Check. 250, R-3 and R-4 residential units. The Orchard


In Construction

Phase 1,2,&4 Taylor Morrison

Dave Kalemba


In construction.

Lennar – The Orchard DR

CR102 and CR25A

Pierre Martinez


Design Review and Site Plan approval for The Orchard Subdivision (associated with Subdivision Map No. 5048).  103 Units

In construction

Models open

Lennar The Grove

Harry Lorenzo Ave and Farmers Central Road

Pierre Martinez


Design Review and Site Plan approval for The Grove Subdivision.  144 Units
In construction

1351 E. Gum Ave -Country Oaks – Tim Snow

728 Edgewood Court Woodland, CA 95695


Plan Check
In construction

Diggs Bldg 514-518 Main Street – “Tree House” Live Music Venue
Building Remodel to accommodate an 800 seat music venue (second floor) and retail/restaurant space on the ground floor.

Oh hold - Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) Approved Bldg Storefront Remodel; music venue may require CUP (PC approval)

On hold

Gateway Shopping Center

Petrovitch Development

Final Map Review

PM5126 & 5148

Plan Check


Woodland Development LLC

825 K Street

Sacramento CA 95814

Eric Gonsalves

Site Plan/Design Review for Shops 2 and restaurant drive-up
Approved with Building for plan check

Sparkles Car Wash

18440 County Road 102

Woodland Ca

Pasion & Enriquez Architecture

(916) 993-8886

Site Plan/ Design Review for the installation of new canopy vacuums
In construction


325 Lincoln Ave

Chris Campbell

Red House Design


ADU Review
In construction